Language shapes the way you think

Language is made of ‘syntax’ (the rules) and ‘semantics’ (the content). Syntax shapes how & how-well we understand the content. Syntax is a great guide. A guide who provides you the rules. Rules that enable you to stay on the path of clarity. Clarity of thought and clear communication. Language has a significant role in the former too.

T Ashok recently presented a talk on the same topic covering the above points to a gathering of enthusiastic test professionals at a Pune-based provider of software and services for communications, media and entertainment industry service providers. Below is the presentation:

A similar article was published in “Musings Over Tea Time – Anthology of T Talks by T Ashok” in May 2014. The full article is available on page 15 under the title “Language shapes the way we think” and can be accessed here.

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