Perspectives on “Improving productivity in test engineering”

We live in interesting times. Our customers want more and quicker, while organizations are pressured to cut costs. Over the years, we have matured significantly, setting up systems (process) to cut waste, embracing technology to do faster. The greed to do more, quicker & cheaper is relentless! What more can we do?

In the presentation “Perspectives on improving productivity in test engineering”, we have looked at the problem of improving productivity from a different view. We have viewed this from a “system perspective” by identifying key properties that any system should have ( in this case a “test engineering system”). The key properties of a system are: effectiveness (how well are we doing), consistency (anyone can do well) and efficiency (how quickly and cheaper). What is the bearing of these properties on productivity improvement and what can be done to enhance these properties?

View the presentation below:

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