Add Your Heading Text Here (Software drives business now Today’s businesses are driven by software and smart algorithms. )

Today’s dev model is super fast, built using Agile/Devops model with a wide mix of technologies using a plethora of languages, frameworks & tools. These are continuously delivered using cloud  mobiles, web and devices(IOT). Rapidly built complex intelligent applications are a norm now.

With the blitzing pace of dev, testing is seriously fast now. And extremely complex too, given the wide tech stack used today.

Customers are extremely sensitive to issues, and good testing is far more challenging now.

The typical notion of a tester who evaluates products/applications by checking against user stories is dead. In today’s world, a tester is expected to be an intelligent investigator adept with technology and tools who explores scientifically and creatively to find issues that matter to end users really quickly.

Testing is not about executing tests manually. It is being an intelligent investigator, to uncover potential issues by smart examination and analysis, requiring serious use of intellect. Smart, not manual, is the keyword.

It is not about writing test scripts using a tool, it is about having a good appreciation of the entire tech stack. It is not about knowing a tool or two, it is about being conversant with tech at large. It is being a ‘full stack’ tester, not just an automator.

Treating testing as a standalone detection activity is history. Understanding the larger context of environment, users, usage, deployment, integration with other systems demands you beyond the notion of finding bugs in a narrow area. Oh, it not enough to uncover issues, but also contribute to preventing them too.

We mentor you, not just teach. This is a serious full time (10AM to 6PM) program with clear deliverables expected of each mentee. Yes you are our mentee, not a student.  We orient you to understand, enable you to do, guide you when you get stuck and assess how well it has been done so that you are confident and proud of what you have done. We treat you as an adult, as a equal not as a student!

Today knowledge is ‘Google-able, anybody can know anything pretty quick. Knowledge is cheap, skill is invaluable. This is the focus of mentoring of making you skilled, by making you do.

Fill in the SmartQA Mentorship Program form alongside. We will have in-person discussion to understand your interest, willingness, basic technology & programming ability to ensure successful mentoring. The number of mentees in this program is limited, to a maximum of TWENTY mentees.

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