Agile Sutra – “Sensitize & Prevent”, not “Design & Execute”

In the Agile environment, the focus is on decomposing complexity and thereby demystifying it. In the process the code should be more correct than wrong. Also because the element of delivery ‘an user story’ is small, it should be easy to test and therefore easy to convert the test into script. Therefore testing is interwoven naturally with coding. Does it mean that the code is cleaner?

However, despite the code being delivered faster, quality challenges exist. Customer reported defects still keep the team busy. Challenges because of extreme focus on the ‘small’ and not on the larger picture?

In this article, T Ashok shares his experience in deploying HBT (Hypothesis Based Testing)in Agile environment. He recommends the focus of testing should be on “sensitise & prevent” defects rather than “design & execute” test cases. Read the article to know more.

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