Great Expectations – Excellence requires empathy

In the Oct 2012 issue of Tea Time with Testers ezine, T Ashok shares his client interaction experience –

“A Japanese company had purchased a large software package that was customised and then deployed. During the process of customization, they discovered quite a few bugs in the base code, a few hundred. Being Japanese, they were aghast at the quality of code and lost confidence in the software supplier.”

“Digging into the details, I discovered that the number of post-release defects was about 500+ and all of these were functional in nature. A majority (60%) of these were possibly related to incorrect validation of inputs, issues in the user interface and so on. Is it that the vendor thought that these were not critical enough to fix or not so important to find (i.e. go after)?”

If for a moment we do consider that the majority were indeed not deemed critical, how come the customer lost confidence in the vendor?

It is not just about technology, process and tools. It is about the live person who uses your system. Never forget the HUMAN side of the equation. The social side. Empathise. Understand their issues. Build with them in mind.

Read the full article below:

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