Houston, we have a problem

A radio transmission by Lovell, “Houston, we’ve had a problem”, has become widely misquoted in popular culture as,”Houston, we have a problem”.

Apollo 13 was the third manned mission by NASA intended to land on the moon, but experienced a mid mission technical malfunction that forced the lunar landing to be aborted. The crew was commander James A. Lovell, Command Module pilot John L.
“Jack” Swigert, and Lunar Module pilot Fred W. Haise.

Using the analogy it is interesting to note that we see different problems at different levels! We are test professionals on ground and our customers far away from us in the business “space”. Remember the risk we put them into!

Click to view the presentation, that was presented recently by T Ashok, Founder & CEO, STAG Software, at SOFTEC Asia, July 2, 2011, in Bangalore.

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