Intelligent Automation – What does it take?

Intelligence is no more about fighting technical problems but to graduate to a higher level of delivering “Do more, but do NO more”. In the context of automated testing, automation needs to become smarter and intelligent to enable us to make decisions faster – provide valuable information about the state of the system, to enable us to do less, yet deliver to meet the continuously increasing customer expectations.

In the Mar-Apr 2014 issue of Tea-time with Testers ezine, T Ashok, Architect – HBT, shares his views on this subject. According to him, Intelligent automation means scripts that are easy to build & maintain, scripts that are purposeful enabling tester to clearly identify the problem, scripts that are resilient to ensure that maximal number of scripts executed in a run and finally scripts that help analyze outcomes and suggest actions rather than report test outcomes as a report.

Read below the full article:

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