It is value, not activities that matter.

We are in the business of software. And business is about making money. About increasing our revenue. About increasing profits. Ultimately value is associated with money. How does what we are doing enable higher yield? Higher profitability? If what you perceive as value cannot be tied to money, then re-think. Value is really a ratio of the outcome to the cost expended. Better outcomes and the same cost improves the revenue capability and adds to the top
line while the same outcome at a lower cost improves profitability ads to the bottom-line. Of course a combination of both would be brilliant i.e. higher revenue and much higher profits.

In the February 2014 issue of Tea time with Testers ezine, T Ashok delves at what stages we can deliver value across the PDLC, SDLC, TLC, to our customer and to organization where you work.

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