Practice (not process) makes it perfect, RAPIDLY.

Organisations believe in processes as a means to get things done well. However in recent times, the emphasis has shifted to the individual. It is about ‘how to enable individuals’ to deliver their full potential. How can we equip individuals to solve problems smarter and rapidly?

Process is the set of activities we do normally agreed upon by stakeholders in an organisation. Of late, the shift has been to make processes light so that they are nimble and responsive. Process is great in enabling overall discipline but the “individual habits” of good practice are vital to being effective and rapid.

Practice on the other hand is how we do these activities, largely driven by individual brilliance. It is about how we breakdown problems, ideate solutions and rapidly implement them. It is about techniques, principles, guidelines(heuristics) that one uses to solve problems.

Process is like a route map whilst Practice is the driver skills to get to the destination quickly and safely.

Equipping an individual with good method(s) that when practiced continually enables one to deliver great work, the outcome of ‘practice’. Mere processes don’t cut it, however when good individual practices become common place, they get converted to “Best/Good practice” becoming part of the process.

In the context of testing, I have been focused on developing a scientific method/methodology (Hypothesis Based Testing – HBT ) to enable a software engineer to deliver clean code. Recently I have been focused on crafting a style of testing (Immersive Session Testing- IST) that is rapid yet scientific (based on HBT) that equips an individual with good practices spanning the logical left brain thinking with creative right brain ideation to unleash his/her potential.

Curious about IST? Check out https://goo.gl/yOxk2g

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