Silence is Golden – The Power of Test Case Immunity

“It is not enough if we analyse defects, it is even more necessary to analyze the white space “non-defects” to understand what parts of the software have become hardened”. “Analyze defect types of “non-defects” to extract information from the silence i.e. correlate test cases to potential defect types and analyze what of these passed”.

Over time, we all know the same set of test cases do not yield defects. This is an indication of how a system becomes “immune” to test cases. However we typically use presence of defects to make judgements about quality of the system.

At the SofTec 2012 Conference in Bangalore on July 14, 2012, T Ashok outlines an interesting concept that focuses on the “absence of defect types ” and how we can exploit this to optimize test effort. Can we interpret the “silence of test cases” by exploiting the “power of test case immunity” to do less?

View the slide presentation to know more on this:

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