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3 failures of poor system operationalisation

SummarySuccessful large system deployment failures is not merely due to poor testing of software. It is about poor operationalisation of ...
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Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility article

Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility

Curated by T Ashok @ash_thiru SummaryEvaluating accessibility by using only able-bodied people(testers) or by enabling accessibility only via use of ...
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Featured Image of article "Interesting articles on assessbility"

Interesting articles on Accessibility

Curated by T Ashok @ash_thiru SummaryThis article is a collection of interesting aspects on accessibility curated form a set of ...
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15 Facets to Problem Solving

T Ashok @ash_thiru Summary: We use many terms like philosophy, mindset, framework, models, process, practice, techniques etc in SW dev/test ...
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3 Ideas to Staying Agile – “Compass, Cadence, Ownership”

T Ashok @ash_thiru Summary: In today’s world of constant change, staying agile is paramount to meaningful response. This article outlines ...
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Role of human intellect in the digital age

T Ashok @ash_thiru Over the last few months, as a producer of SmartBites for the SmartQA channel, I asked a ...
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10 things to be sensitive to deliver brilliant code

by T Ashok @ash_thiru on TwitterS SummaryGreat code is not result of mere unit/dev testing at the early stage. It ...
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10 Simple Tips to Clean Code

by T Ashok @ash_thiru on Twitter SummaryAs much as testing is seen as a key activity to deliver quality, there ...
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12 tips to reinvent yourself in testing 

T Ashok (ash_thiru on Twitter) SummaryThe way we build systems has changed, both in terms of technology and the process ...
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How do I grow in my QA career?

T Ashok, @ash_thiru Summary:What is growth? Is it money, position, power or the confidence to get anything done? Growth is ...
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The changing face of software development

by T Ashok @ash_thiru Summary:The way we develop software now has changed, It is about integrating code now. A framework ...
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10 Habits to Help You Speed Up Testing

by T Ashok SummaryIn today's age of speed, technology/ automation is seen as the key enabler for rapid QA. Yes, ...
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50+ Software Testing Terms that are most often abused!

by T Ashok Summary Terms used in the software testing discipline are often confusing leading to them being abused. Most ...
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50 Tips to Smart QA

by T Ashok SUMMARYHere is an interesting collection of FIFTY tips that spans across many dimensions to enable one to ...
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Featured image of 7 Thinking Tools to Test Rapidly article

7 Thinking Tools to Test Rapidly

by T Ashok SummaryThe act of testing is a scientific exploration of a system done in three phases - RECONNAISSANCE ...
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Surviving the QA disruption- Smart testing is the way

by T Ashok SummaryThe confluence of extreme speed of business, rapid new technology adoption, cloud-ification & platform-ising of apps, finicky ...
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How to test rich UI – Smart Modelling

by T Ashok In a consulting engagement with a product company, I noticed that the tester came up with a ...
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Exploit visual thinking – Smart exploration of software 

In today’s world of Agile development, where minimal documentation and rapid evolution of features rule, understanding what may be appropriate ...
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Three aids for Smart Regression Testing

In the current world of rapid development, software is constantly updated with new features, incremental additions and bug fixes. While ...
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Tooling and automation are great, but Smart QA is brilliant

In today’s world of extreme agility, intelligent systems, SAAS, automated test and deployments, what is the role of humans in ...
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