In today’s world of extreme agility, intelligent systems, SaaS, automated test, 

What is the role of humans in QA? 

How has the way we test software changed?

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An interesting collection of FIFTY tips that spans across many dimensions to enable one to become a “Smart Tester”.A sample : Stay curious, question, explore”,  “Relentlessly simplify”“Write less, accomplish more”,  “Thinking like a scientist, do like an engineer, feel like an artist”, “Visualise in the mid’s eye”.

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Smart Development Testing

SmartDevTest is a service offering that supercharges your ‘unit test’ practice enabling developers to validate their code rapidly, effectively and most importantly without disrupting the rhythm of coding.

SmartDevTest is based on lean philosophy that focuses on being sensitive to prevent issues, being goal focused as to the type of issues to uncover, staying sharp to detect early, using light aids to do easily, and resorting to automation only for value-adding complex repeatable tests.

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The confluence of business speed, modernisation, cloud-ification & platform-ising, finicky users has created serious inflexion points, threatening QA practice. Test smartly to survive & grow.

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How does one go beyond the veneer of the what is visible and see the various behaviours offered by this rich UI and smartly design scenarios that comprehensively evaluate the system?

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As product grows, so does regression, increasing costs & threatening to slow down releases. Automation is a saviour, but not all are automated. How can we do-less/don’t-do regression?

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Smart checklists are not about mindless compliance, not about ticking boxes.
It is really about tickling the brain to think better and ensure fault-proofing rapidly.

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