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As much as testing is seen as a key activity to deliver quality, there are simple practices that can ensure that code developed is constantly cleansed. In current times where code is churned out a a rapid pace, it makes great business sense to contain the entropy continually. This article outlines ten simple tips to help produce clean code continually.

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Smart QA QED Program

TWELVE week full-time mentorship program for young graduates for SDET roles commencing 22nd May.
This is DOING-based rather program than classroom-based and spans across Test & Tools |Dev & Technology | Process & People | Communication & Creativity.  Mentored by practitioners with rich experience.
Only a small number of serious mentees taken.

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The way we build systems has changed and expectations of end users/businesses have changed.  This article outlines 12 tips to morph and reinvent oneself to become a modern smart tester.

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What is growth? Growth is not just knowing more, it is about deep understanding aided by reflection that allows us to assimilate. Growth is not merely external, it is building inner strength, to influence positively.

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The way we develop software now has changed,  It is about integrating code now.  A framework based approach is preferred. The way we deliver has also changed, via the cloud. The industrial age of software.

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In today’s age of speed, automation is seen as the key enabler for rapid QA. The limiting function to speed is one’s skills. And this is where TEN good habits for QA that can help you speed up significantly.

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A key ingredient of an engaged thinker is “Thinking visually”, to clearly see the problem, solution or gaps. Smart understanding and documentation” based on visual thinking tools can be very useful in today’s rapid dev cycle.

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50+ software testing terms are partitioned into cohesive groups to sharpen the clarity and then giving a clear definition to each one. Some terms are test types while some are approaches, and some practices and so on.

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