SmartQA digest #30


"Mission of SmartQA" Explore various dimensions of smartness to leapfrog into the new age of software development, to accomplish more with less by exploiting intellect with technology. Showcase intelligence in testing, mystery of exploration, craftsmanship of act, skillful tooling and the joy of perfection.
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QANSCIOUS”. A mindset that is the result of deep thinking to do less and accomplish more, to pre-empt than just detect. Beyond process and tools but exploiting technology smartly.

A beautiful compendium of TEN articles published by T Ashok. 

“Blend your left and right” – It is not just about using the logical left brain or the creative right , it is about a harmonious combination of logical/scientific left brained thinking with the creative right that makes testing super effective and super efficient.” 

… excerpt from “50 Tips to Smart QA” in the book


The way we test has been trivialised into two buckets of ‘manual’ and ‘automated’ by general milieu. Is that the order of the day? 

This article outlines an interesting way how the role of human power and leverage of machines to do testing smartly, rapidly and super efficiently.


A brilliant book that taught me “Approximate thinking” – how to rapidly approximate and get facts to analyse further. I have used it many many times In the context of QA to estimate load, data volumes  by approximate thinking and refinement. Just guessing does not cut.

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In his talk “Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them”, Garry Kasparov shares his vision for a future where intelligent machines help us turn our grandest dreams into reality.


Dr. Arun Krishnan believes completely stopping using human intellect would be a mistake in any field. While he is all for AI helping testing, he believes it still is a role for the human intellect.

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