Think better using “Descriptive-Prescriptive” approach

Customer expectations constantly expand, overall development effort/time is expected to shrink and quality constantly increases! So what does it take to analyze a problem and to synthesize a solution?

Now what is a solution? A set of rules to follow, to solve. A ‘prescription’ that we can follow. Synthesising a solution requires us to understand the various conditions that relate to the problem and therefore a combination of these conditions is the ‘prescription’ to follow. Focusing on a ‘prescriptive approach’ enables us to extract conditions and formulate the solution. The synthesised solution is expected to be clear, unambiguous, precise i.e. ‘objective’ while on the other hand problem analysis is aided by a descriptive approach which is ‘subjective’.

Now let us connect these… Problem analysis requires a ‘descriptive approach’ while Solution synthesis requires a ‘prescriptive approach’. The former is subjective and interesting involving story-telling, while the latter is cold, objective consisting of the conditions connected to form ‘prescriptions’ to follow to solve the problem. Read below the article by T Ashok, CEO of STAG Software published in the November 2013 issue of ezine, Tea Time with Testers.

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