Trusting a complete stranger

A leading provider of mobile device management (MDM) solutions faced a problem of their existing and experienced QA team unable to focus on new product road map activities, as they were pre-occupied with constant maintenance testing. Their new product revenue goals were affected. They wanted their experienced team to focus only on new feature testing and wanted to build a new continuous engineering team. Their concern – this could take a while. The management then took a bold step of working with a partner who could build and operate the Continuous Engineering (CE) practice. Wouldn’t that be committing Hara-kiri? How could you trust your most valued customers with a stranger? What about the credibility built over many years? How did we fare?

The customer has around THIRTY customers for their product. Every product deployment is a customized one, resulting in multiple code branches. Hence maintenance required multiple code branches to be validated within stringent time lines. The existing QA team was into delivering the various fixes putting serious pressure on validating the next version product and thereby stalling new product releases. That is when they approached us to build a continuous engineering test team very rapidly and take ownership of the new continuous engineering (CE) team.

This was interesting challenge, as we had to ramp-up the product knowledge rapidly, put together a efficient CE process and ensure high quality releases. Once we defined and agreed upon overall competency required in the team a full time on-site CE team consisting of test professionals with clear roles and responsibilities was setup. Senior staff at STAG provided the strategic direction & support during the build-up stage. The engagement was approached in a staged manner – Build-up, Stabilize and Optimize. HBT turned out to be the savior. Its ability to bring clarity helped us ramp-up in an accelerated mode. Within no time, we were releasing the patches. In all, we were responsible for 27 change requests, 10 hot fixes and 31 general releases.

Our client’s customers were indeed in safe hands.

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