Validation Suite – An innovative way to leveraging test assets & reducing cost of validation

The test lifecycle produces rich set of assets-strategy, test scenarios/cases, defects, scripts, test data. Other than using these to validate the current release of product, how are these significantly leveraged in the future? How do these assets enable faster ramp-up, de-skilling, optimize testing? Patterns have been used as a method to extract experience and enable a normal person to behave like an experienced person. Sadly, patterns are not commonplace in test engineering.

Validation Suite is a product from STAG that is similar to patterns. Based on HBT (Hypothesis Based Testing) methodology, it enables identifying potential defect types for common features/construction-components along with a common validation strategy consisting of Quality Levels, Test Types and finally a list of common test scenarios/cases/data. The intent is to ensure that we do not start all over again, and leverage the experience typically encoded as tacit knowledge in the individuals.

STAG has applied this to create specific validation suites in the areas of eLearning, ERP, Bluetooth and Mobile applications. These can reduce the cost of validation by 30% and reduce ramp-up time significantly. The key business benefits are (1) Fast ramp-up (2) Readymade test strategy (3) Higher product quality (4) Faster time-to-market and (5) Lower validation cost.

Validation suite for your product can be created by mining your test assets by applying the HBT methodology to create a structured and rich asset base that provides significant leverage subsequently.

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