Immunity analyzer

An utility that helps to analyze the immunity of test cases.

We focus on uncovering more with the fervent hope of finding less later. As system matures over numerous test cycles, test cases stop discovering defects. Please watch the webinar Test Case Immunity – Optimize testing to know more about what is test case immunity.

How to use the utility ?

Measuring of test case immunity using this utility is a THREE step process.

Step 1. Upload test cases
Upload the existing test cases in .xlsx format. Please see the instructions in the upload page to know the format required to be uploaded.

Step 2. Enter the RUN details for each test cases
Enter the RUN details of each test cases in the uploaded sheet. This section can be used to re-arrange the existing test cases in to various quality levels, robustness/conformance also. Run details can be updated as a bulk by selecting all the test cases for a specific entity/type etc.

Step 3. Analyze the immunity
Select the test case document where the run details are provided to view the immunity of various parts/entities of the system.

The link to access the utility is Immunity Analyzer

Please contact for any clarifications, usage issues, suggestions related to the utility.

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