What is a Cleanliness Criterion?

Given that a need has to be meeting the expectation(s), how do we state the expectation? In HyBIST, this is stated as “cleanliness criteria” what quality aspects, where a criterion represents a characteristic/property that ‘a need’ shall have to satisfy.

A collection of the entire criterion for ‘a need’ is termed “cleanliness criteria”, to enable expectation to be clear/testable.

Cleanliness criteria are a mirror of expectations of the end user from the system. Cleanliness criteria in HyBIST represent testable expectations. Cleanliness criteria provide a very strong basis for ensuring a goal-focused testing. This allows one to identify potential types of defects and then formulate an effective strategy in the complete set of test cases It is important that the cleanliness criteria is not vague or fuzzy.

Cleanliness criteria represents the “intrinsic quality” i.e. what properties should the final system have to ensure that it is deemed clean? Use the properties of the FIVE aspects of Data, Business logic, Structure, Environment, Usage as applied to your application to arrive at these criteria specific to your application.

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