What is a ‘Core Concept’ in HyBIST?

A problem can be solved in two ways : (1)using one’s experience or (2) by applying a well formed scientific approach that is implemented via a process. The former depends on the “skill of an individual” while the latter depends on the “strength of the process”. Skill-based problem solving can be seen as an ‘art/craft while a logical approach can be deemed as one based on science & engineering i.e. scientific principles + process of usage of these principles.

The focus of HyBIST is to solve the problem of ‘Producing clean software’  using a scientific approach,  an embodiment of (2). The logical problem solving toolset that is at the heart of the HyBIST are called core concepts and these are a collection of techniques, principles, guidelines. There are THIRTY TWO of these in total and these are used in various parts of the SDLC  to decompose the problem, identify cleanliness criteria, hypothesis potential defect types, formulate test strategy, design test cases, identify metrics and build appropriate automation.

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