Doctors & diagnosis

In today’s medicine, we know that machines play a huge part in diagnostics and treatment. They help us see internals more clearly, enable us to get to the hard-reach parts, perform rapid tests to analyse problems , monitor tirelessly to help us correct our actions. So is the doctor’s role redundant? Ouch no! The skill of the doctor in diagnosis and treatment be it via medicine or surgery is far more required now in the complex world of disease, business and law. To assist in this ever increasing complexity, machines are becoming integral for the job.

Much like this is software testing, the act of diagnosing of software for issues. Tools/automation are integral to testing that a skilled test/QA/SW engineer uses. It is about “doing SmartQA” which is a brilliant combination of “human powered and machine assisted” . The WHAT to-do is human while HOW-to-do is when’re machine helps. 

Doing SmartQA is about intelligent/smart WHAT-to-test/WHAT-to-test-for/WHERE-to-test-on with smart enablement of HOW-to-test using machine/tools.  It ain’t automated testing or manual testing and getting rid of the latter or machines find issues on itself.

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