I have always practiced minimalism, of doing least work with superior outcomes. Have never been a fan of more tests and therefore needing to tools to accomplish these in the context of software. Of course I exploit tools to brilliant work. Let us apply this to ‘doing SmartQA’. 

We talk about left shifting, of TDD, of wanting to find issues earlier. We emphasise units tests and automating these. Are we shifting the objective to doing more unit tests? The purpose was to produce ‘cleaner units’, implying heightened sensitivity to issues via TDD and writing good code in the first place, of adopting cheaper static means to uncover these may be missed before resorting costlier automated unit tests.

Doing SmartQA is really about ’not doing’, well doing minimally really. It is not doing more and therefore needing to adopt tools. So heighten your sensitivity, build good code habits, use mental aids like smart checklist and of course exploit software tools to do the heavy lifting of tests. After all, don’t we all want to adopt wellness rather than expend effort to diagnose potential illness? And I bet you want an doctor to check out before they ‘outsource’ the finding to machines.

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