doSmartQA - Smart Probing Assistant

what is doSmartQA?

doSmartQA is an assistant to test software & systems smartly. It assists one to interrogate, hypothesise issues, design and evaluate user story or a set of stories in a sprint deeply and rapidly. It is not a typical test automation, documentation or management tool; it is an assistant for smart session-based testing.

It is based on HyBIST (Hypothesis Based Immersive Session Testing), a smart probing approach to validate deeply and rapidly in Agile environment. It is a SmartQA toolbox to design probes (analyse, design) & probe smartly (validate, assess) and available in two editions- as Personal (Free) as Chrome Extension & Enterprise (Premium) web application. 


Probing is deep questioning to gain clarity and preempt/uncover potential issues. Unlike traditional code validation, it goes beyond mere confirmation, focusing on proactive discovery and prevention of risks. Rapid generation of questions, suggestions, observations, and ideas is integral to illuminating uncertainties and uncovering latent problems.

At its core, probing fosters curiosity to understand well and unravel issues. It moves away from conventional test practices such as being limited by plans, scenarios that focus on “how-to”. It emphasises a flexible and adaptive mindset not limited by templates to a broader & deeper spirit of inquiry.

what is an ASSISTANT?

It acts as an aid to apply HyBIST, to help in the practice of probing. It helps you streamline your thinking, sharpens your practice of session so that you may do rapidly and be in a flow.

what is SmartQA TOOLBOX?

Application of key concepts & practices of HyBIST is key to smart probing. Consider these intellectual tools as a SmartQA toolbox, applicable at various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). doSmartQA, functioning as a smart probing assistant, integrates these tools into a set of sophisticated software tools. This ensemble is crafted to accompany and elevate your intellectual journey, offering strategic support throughout the probing process.


The act of probing is performed in three phases - Reconnaissance, Exploration & Recoup, in short focussed sessions. The key elements of doSmartQA to assist in this are:
Landscaper: Assist in understanding the big picture- persona, expectations, interactions, environment, and note taking -observations, questions, suggestions for multidimensional view.
Mind mapper: Help you see the big picture of an entity(user story)
Mapper: Assist in charting, persona, scope & and interaction map to help you explore well.
Deep diver: Dig in and discover conditions, criteria, potential issues to design well.
Designer: Assist in development of smart checklist, test ideas, free-form & level based scenarios for superior coverage.
Executor: Assist you in track, improvise and enhance.
Session planner: Help you micro-plan, assist in setting up a ‘probing session’ and conducting it.
Intelligent Assistant: Based on Generative AI, it assists in discovering user expectations, potential issues, criteria, behaviour conditions to accelerate smart probing.

doSmartQA Personal Edition is available as a free Chrome extension . 

Click here to access this on Chrome store.