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Smart assurance solutions to test deeply and rapidly.

What is SmartQA ?

SmartQA is an intellectual practice of probing deeper to seek clarity & in the process uncover, preempt issues rapidly, not limited to mere validation of code.

HyBIST (Hypothesis-Based Immersive Session Testing) approach to SmartQA is designing smart probes using hypothesis based method and probing smartly in sessions immersively.

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Product assurance

Smart Quality Assurance

Want a specialist test team for your product development? Or validating a specific release? Or ramp up your automation efforts? Need access to specialists continuously but fractionally?

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Smart QA Practice

Customer issues slowing your rapid development cycle? Technical debts swamping your effort? Want to sharpen your QA practice? To enable engineering to deliver more features, not just fix issues?

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Practice enhancement

SmartDevTest Practice

In this age of speed, clean code has to be ingrained from start. HyBIST enables you do that. Want to supercharge your DevTest practice and relieve pressure off system test? To do less and accomplish more.

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SmartQA Masterclass

It takes more that automation to deliver great code. Want to change mindset on quality/testing to be really agile? Sharpen thinking, question more, test less, accomplish more. Our SmartQA masterclasses can help.

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Performance Testing

Load, stress, performance and scalability testing of applications.

Automation Scripting

Develop scripts to automate your tests for continuous testing. Build custom test tooling.

Portfolioof work

Our work done with various customers over the years.

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