Smart Quality Assurance

Want a specialist test team for your product development? Or validating a specific release? Or ramp up your automation efforts?
Need access to specialists continuously but fractionally?

Outsourced QA

An exclusive SmartQA team built for you to care of your complete QA needs. Design, validate, automate, analyse, suggest improvement, the whole works. Working as your extended team. A specialist test team that takes complete ownership of quality. We have setup teams for companies with product dev teams located at US(East & West), UK, Australia and Middle east. Products in the space of eLearning, Healthcare, Media.


Turnkey QA

Perform validation for a specific release.  A dedicated specialist SmartQA team that works with you for a specific release. Strategise, design, validate, automate, perform functional and non-functional tests as needed. Works as your extended team to make a specific release successful.
Assess release worthiness. Do an independent assessment of the quality of test done. Static assessment of test assets (strategy, scenarios) for adequacy, and outcomes(defects).   Act as ‘beta’ user by evaluating key flows to assess release worthiness. Have done this for telecom and ERP products.


Test-as-service "TaaS"

Are you very focused on building product using cutting edge tech, and testing proving to be a noose?  Don’t need a dedicated full time team, but need a specialist test team ‘fractionally’? This offering is just that. A specialist team available for you for a fixed time (per week/month) that tests rapidly and furnishes you with issues and suggestions. 
Periodic build validation, Functionality testing, Browser/device compatibility testing, Continuous health monitoring plugged into pipeline and Performance/load testing. 


Customer managed QA

Augment your QA team with specialised SmartQA test talent. Going beyond just being a provider. Project managed by customer, the folks may be co-located  with the product engineering team.