SmartQA - The HyBIST Approach

Software development has significantly evolved and matured, but practice of QA is still archaic. It is caught between do-more/test-continuously and preempt/do-less on the other, without a clue on how to marry them in simple terms. 

There is extreme reliance on experience and rote continuous testing via automation, rather than smart assurance by harnessing human intelligence. The problem is capacity throttling due to delayed and excessive tasks, struggling to match the speed of rapid development, causing frustration for the tester(s).

So what is needed to assure smartly?

It is shifting focus from evaluating to probing, following a process to setting up an intelligent practice, from rote automation(machine) to exploiting intellect , checking (for compliance) to discovering(issues), reliance on experience to applying logical method(s), detection to preempting and striving to doing less testing rather than more.

SmartQA is about probing deeper to seek clarity and in the process uncover/preempt issues rapidly, not limited to mere validation of code. 

The key principles of SmartQA are: 
– do well & rapidly,
– do as early & minimally
– certainly don’t do others’ work.

Hypothesis-Based Immersive Session Testing (HyBIST) approach to SmartQA is about designing smart probes and probing the system smartly. What is probing? It is about being logical, curious & observant, to understand what is in there, what may be expected/intended and in the process of exploration spot anomalies, issues, observations, come up with suggestions,  a significantly elevated approach.

A hypothesis based method consisting of ‘key concepts’ enables logical design of smart probes whilst ‘key practices’ ensure rapid expansive probing of the system in immersive sessions.

The outcomes of typical TESTING are: Test plan, test cases, defects, scripts (driven by templates ), larger documentation, extreme focus on execution with lot of rote activities largely driven by experience.

On the other hand the outcomes of SMART probing are:
Questions, observations, suggestions, ideas in addition to test plan, scenarios, defects, scripts. These are NOT template driven and are about : write less, to do well now, focus on what-if & what, driven by logic & outcomes not relying on experience only.

Masterclass on HyBIST

The Masterclass on The HyBIST Approach to SmartQA provides a deep foundational knowledge on testing smartly as SIXTY FOUR topics and TEN worked out examples in THIRTEEN lessons.  

With each topic crisply covered in a short video  spanning a total of TEN hours of  videosit provides a refreshing look at product/ application testing by equipping one with ‘Key Concepts’ to analyse & design smartly and ‘Key Practices’ to do in short sessions rapidly and super effectively with the key mantra “Do less, accomplish more”.

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Ebook - do SmartQA

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