Sensitivity and awareness

Being sensitive and aware to the causes of errors is useful in doing SmartQA and delivering clean code. 

At large, errors creep in due to these :

  1. Untold expectation – Did not know they wanted these, as they did not communicate it to me.
  2. Accidental omission – They missed stating it clearly to me.
  3. Quiet assumptions -Filling in the gaps quietly, without confirming.
  4. Incorrect implementation – Mistakes made during transformation to code.
  5. Inappropriate modifications – Making fixes without fully appreciating the larger context.
  6. Interesting side effects – Innocuously affecting others, without appreciating that they are coupled.
  7. Deliberate abuse – Wantonly use it incorrectly to push it beyond and break it.
  8. Innovative usage – Used in a very different context that I never thought about.

Appreciate that these may occur anytime, a heightened sensitivity enables us to question, analyse, clarify and validate.

Doing SmartQA is not just finding issues, but sharpening one’s senses to be able to smell these and spot them from afar or near before they hit us. It is about elevating QA to be far more valuable to business success.

This is featured with other ideas in this article “FIVE *MORE* thoughts on ‘Doing SmartQA“, you may want to check it out.

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