FI-Smart Plan

Smart Plan

Smart plan is simple & objective based – what entity to test, test for what issue(by conducting what test), test in what environment, test by whom (in case of a team), test from whose point of view ad finally how to test (human or automated). A concise plan that is a collection of these, enables sharp focus enabling rapid evaluation, be it human powered or building nimble automated suite(s).

A higher level of what kind of issues to be uncovered at different levels of entities on specific environment(s) would be a strategy, whilst specific issues on specific entities would form a plan. Oh this form of thinking facilitates two kinds of scenarios to be designed: (1) an ‘objectiveScenario’ from an ‘output focus’, that are simple one-liner(s) that outline what issues to uncover for what-entity on which environment (2)an executableScenario from ‘input focus’, that is a set of inputs to stimulate with, for an entity to uncover specific issues for a given environment.

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