Immersive Session Testing (IST) Masterclass

IST masterclass will be an instructor led, online program. This will be delivered in SIX sessions with each being one and half hours. A session will be held every alternate day at the same fixed time, completing in a calendar duration of two working weeks.

Video recording of each session and slide contents will be available online accessible by the participants for THREE months. In case a participant is unable to attend a session, it is mandated he/she watches the video before the next session.

Session #4 : Exploration phase in detail (1)

What is exploration? (the context)
How to go about the act of design & evaluation in rapid tandem.
Test & re-test, scripted & unscripted.
Design approaches – Behaviour, criteria, issue based
The style of documentation for rapid exploration
How do quality levels/test types help here?
Illustrating scenario design & rapid documentation with an example

Discussion :
What are scenarios/cases?
How do you organise them?
How do you write them?

Design scenarios for a given problem and document them most efficiently/tersely.

Session #5: Exploration phase in detail (2)

Judging/Building confidence in scenarios – “Coverage”
Doing ‘unscripted’ testing
Role of smart checklist
How to come up with a smart checklist
Smart regression
Automation – how test structure matters, how to decide/select well
Illustrating smart checklist an example

Discussion :
Do you use checklists? Are they useful/boring?
How do you do ad-hoc testing?

Come up with a ‘smart’ checklist for a given problem.

Session #6 : Recoup phase in detail

How to judge completeness?
Can we objectively measure quality ?
Proof of quality – “Escapes “- Internal and external
What and how to analyse to come up with clear/focussed improvement actions.
Summarising IST
– How to go about using it in your work
– Mind set change to transform your practice

Discussion :
What are measures you focus on?
How do they help?