Perfect software to stop perfect crime

The Intelligence department of Karnataka Police decided to implement a solution to analyze the Call Detail Record (CDR) from telecom service providers. The tool was to be deployed across the state. The solution can provide critical information about subscribers whose CDR is analyzed location, geographic movement, calls to other monitored suspects etc. This information is very critical for any case in the present times.  The head of this initiative, a very IT savvy Officer, decided that the solution needs to be validated by a specialist organization, if it has to be defect free. In came STAG.

The solution is a Call Detail Record analyzer intended for Law Enforcement or Intelligence Analysts who have to, need to, want to, or are expected to, work with telephone call detail records. A CDR is composed by fields that describe the exchange, i.e. the number making the call, number receiving the call, start time, duration, end time, route taken, etc. The tool also integrates with mapping server, enabling a visual display of the routes and locations of the suspect.

The solution was being developed by a small but very inventive team from a small town. However, being a small team meant the code was self-validated. This made the customer a little jittery. They sought STAG’s services to validate the solution end-to-end.

STAG assessed the development process of the organization, to understand how well it was built. The application then had to be put through thorough multi-level evaluation, starting from field level to load testing. The tool inched its way slowly through these gates, and required structural modification to clear some. STAG worked closely with the department during the training and saw through a successful release. The tool immediately started cracking some pending cases and is now sought after in the other states.

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