LEAN: It is not doing more, it is about doing less

So, what should be really happening in Agile context?
Lean thinking is what inspired the Agile movement. Lean is about not producing waste in the first place. It is doing things ‘clean’ at at the first place,  so that waste is ideally not there. Waste in software context are bugs. And in the early stages there are ‘unit bugs’. Since our focus in Agile is to find these earlier and to ensure that they are never there whenever we modify, we resort to a high degree of automation. Therefore we have a large body of test cases at the lower levels automated to ensure that we can continually execute them. This is great, but should we not focus on adopting a practice that in essence prevents these issues and lessen the need for large number of unit tests to uncover these?

It is not about doing more, it is about doing less
When we find issues in the product/app especially those that can be caught earlier, we focus on more rigorous dev test with extreme focus on automation. Yes, that seems logical. But what a minute, for a developer already busy writing code, is this the right approach? Given that dev test is largely about issues in L1 thru L4, could we not focus on getting this right or statically assess these via smart checklist?

Great quality early stage code is not about doing more testing, it really is doing about doing less test, by enabling sharper focus on ‘what-can-go-wrong’, ‘have-you-considered-this’.

The ebook outlines in detail outlines how to purposefully do DevTest in the “LEANest” by clearly outlining what issues a dev has to go after and outlines SmartDevChecklist to do this the most LEAN way.


Agile Sutra – “Sensitize & Prevent”, not “Design & Execute”

In the Agile environment, the focus is on decomposing complexity and thereby demystifying it. In the process the code should be more correct than wrong. Also because the element of delivery ‘an user story’ is small, it should be easy to test and therefore easy to convert the test into script. Therefore testing is interwoven naturally with coding. Does it mean that the code is cleaner?

However, despite the code being delivered faster, quality challenges exist. Customer reported defects still keep the team busy. Challenges because of extreme focus on the ‘small’ and not on the larger picture?

In this article, T Ashok shares his experience in deploying HBT (Hypothesis Based Testing)in Agile environment. He recommends the focus of testing should be on “sensitise & prevent” defects rather than “design & execute” test cases. Read the article to know more.