Horse Blinders & Fish Eye vision


In a system which is a collection of various processes, templates form an integral element to aid implementation. Templates provide a framework to capture information in a structured manner. Very necessary in systems that require rigorous compliance.

Why do horses used for pulling wagons wear blinders? Horses that pull wagons and carriages wear blinkers to prevent them from becoming distracted or panicked by what they see behind the wagon. They keep the horse’s eyes focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind. (Courtesy- &

Templates are like “horse blinders”. They enable sharp focus of a narrow field restricting purposefully the peripheral vision enabling strict compliance.

In a creative environment where a 360 degree vision is required, templates are a bad choice. What is needed is a “workspace”, that provides a good environment which can be adapted flexibly for different needs.

Workspace like the Fish Eye helps you see the complete big picture enabling you the connect the various individual dots

It allows you to see the full 360 picture, enabling you to proceed in a direction of choice and changing course as needed to adapt. A well thought out workspace provides you with an environment with high degrees of freedom yet ensuring that you are not adrift.

Rather than having ‘boxes’ to collect information, it provides you with ‘spaces’ to collect information as necessary without restricting you to a specific order, thereby enabling you to connect the dots to see the full picture.

Templates like horse blinders enable you to focus on ‘DOING WORK’, while Workspaces akin to Fish Eye help you to ‘THINK BETTER’.

The previous article highlighted the importance of ‘visual thinking’ to see better in the “mind’s eye”, this one continues on the same thread allowing you to “see better with the real eye” !

Immersive Session Testing (IST) is a style of testing that exploits the logical left brain with the creative right, enabling you to immerse deeply and test in short sessions. Powered by HyBIST (Hypothesis-Based Immersive Session Testing) that provides the scientific rigour and “Workspaces” equipping you with the creative fluidity, it enables you to immerse, think logically, write less, do more with a sharp focus on outcome.

Reconnaissance workspace in IST helps you to see the users, their use cases, system features & attributes, environment, behaviour conditions, configuration settings, access control enabling you to see the complete big picture

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