You are only as good as your team

A semiconductor company is considered a pioneer in the 4G-WiMAX, dreams of being among the first companies to launch WiMax solutions. On the verge of launching their product, the only challenge in the un-treaded path, was imagination.
Their QA requirements was unique as the product being developing. They were looking for a partner who would be as spirited as they were. Can STAG prove its mettle? Could we be the team they were hoping for?

One question we are asked almost immediately after saying Hello is “Do you have the domain expertise?” and then we speak about HyBIST. It couldn’t have happened this time. Pioneers can’t ask for experience. Soon we were working on conformance validation (which later on became the IEEE standard). Within a few weeks we understood why they were looking for someone beyond ‘I-can-provide-testing-resources-too’.

BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. The buildbot watches a source code repository (CVS or other version control system) for interesting changes to occur, then triggers build with various steps (checkout, compile, test, etc). The

STAG setup a system to automate the build, compile & validate code changes in the source code repository. The builds are run on a variety of slave machines, to allow testing on different architectures, compilation against different libraries, kernel versions, etc. The results of the builds are collected and analyzed (compile succeeded / failed / had warnings, which tests passed or failed, memory footprint of generated executables, total tree size, etc) and are displayed on a central web page. The entire system was around 6000 Lines of Code in Python.

This resulted in quick validation of code changes in the repository leading to reduced rework time, thus increasing productivity of distributed development teams.

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