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Our Services

What We Do

Test software, Enhance test practice and Change mindsets.

Product Assurance

Outsourced/Managed QA.Turnkey validation. Automation scripting. Load, Stress, Performance & Scalability testing.

Practice Enhancement

Assess practice of QA & DevTest and make it smarter. It is about the Practice (how-you-do) not the Process (what-you-do).

Automation Scripting

Develop scripts to automate your tests for continuous testing. Build custom test tooling.

Performance Testing

Load, stress, performance and scalability testing of applications.

SmartDevTest Practice

Supercharge DevTest . Validate code rapidly & effectively without disrupting the rhythm of coding.

SmartQA Masterclass

Change mindsets, sharpen thinking to test smarter and faster via HBT & IST masterclass/ indoctrination.

Portfolioof work

Our work done with various customers over the years.


The promising athlete

“What is the objective of load test?” I asked the participants attending my workshop. “It is to find out if the system can handle the load”

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Behave yourself.

One of the common statements in software testing that I come across is “Domain knowledge is critical to testing the functionality”. The belief is that

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The tale of two doctors

“This is a long story of two doctors who by their different approaches to diagnosis helped Joe a professional tester sort out the typical confusions

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